This is our newest set of  Fire Alarm Design tools. Fire Alarm and Access Control in one.
And Fire alarm,Access Control, and camera systems in one.
Works with AutoCad
Works with BricsCAD
Works with NanoCad

Blocks and Templates for fire alarm design to help you engineer fire alarm systems faster more uniform and more accurately.

Fire Alarm DWG has cad templates with blocks,attributed block,s and tables  to help you design. From inserting devices faster, to help maintain proper coverage, and tables to do your battery calculations and voltage drops in all while keeping everyone one of your drawings familiar.

Fire alarm files are scaled 1=1 inches. We do not have a metric conversion at this time.
We have a user area for purchased file downloads.
See the store for prices


 What we have is a template file that is packed full of tools that I have created over the past 9+ years.
These are tools that I find useful and fast and accurate. From measurement during layout and design phase to quick block insertion to speed up the fire alarm design process.
Through the years I have built my templates with Autocad,BricsCad, and ProgeCad. Primary design element is AutoCad but have also gone back and made modifications to the design tools to make them compatible with the other brands of CAD. 
I have been offered (like most of the other design tools on the web) to sell my product pre-bundled in one of the off brands of CAD. 
I have been approached by all but one company. I approached them in my earlier phase and did not like what they were offering.
I've decided to keep my design tools separate and available for everyone and at an affordable cost.
I know that most bosses will not take the time to learn what these tools do, therefore they will not see the use in them.
So my price is to target the average guy who designs for fire alarm companies. Keeps the price at a fraction of the others and allows users to use the tools on which ever platform they already have and are most comfortable with.

If you would like any extra effort showing you how to use my tools that goes beyond the "readme" form that is bundled with the template, you will have to contact through one of the follow up emails after purchasing a template. There will be a cost for any services I provide from that point forward. 
The "readme" file tells what commands to use for what function. 

Any tools I make that I find are too cumbersome or too slow and not as efficient as my other tools, I have bundled in the link below and those are for free. Maybe I can influence people to clean up their designs.

Freebies and other Fire Alarm Design Work from us.